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If you like things raw – New England weather excluded – then get happy because a new sushi spot is opening in Cambridge today! Thelonious Monkfish, Central Square’s new music-inspired sushi and Asian fusion eatery, will start serving up sushi, Japanese and Thai dishes for lunch and dinner two blocks from the red line stop at 524 Mass Ave.

According to their FB page, the eatery’s tagline “Jazz for the palate” reflects their deliciously diverse menu and their respect for the Japanese gustatory tradition and their own sense of play and innovation. That sounds great and all, but to be truthful, we’re just excited to try out some rolls like the Mack the Knife Maki (yellowtail, cucumber, scallions and chili sauce) and the Satchmo Roll (spicy tuna, poached shrimp, yellowtail in cucumber wrap with ponsu sauce), and some simple sushi and sashimi. Or maybe we’ll go for one of the numerous sushi & maki combo plates.

An added bonus – the interior with it’s simple light woods and leather chairs looks pretty snazzy too. We’ll see you there!

Details: Thelonious Monkfish, 524 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge (Central Square), 617.441.2116,!/theloniousmonkfish


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