Restaurant Rediscovery: SOMA

SOMA's bar area is hopping on Saturday nights.

It’s Friday, so in all likelihood it’s too late to secure a last minute reservation for the hot new spot – or spots – in town. And we don’t recommend just showing up hoping for that elusive last table or canceled reservation. Instead, we think this is the perfect opportunity to rediscover an old favorite.  Welcome to the semiURBAN Restaurant Rediscovery.

Take last Friday night. We decided to head to our favorite, and apparently everyone’s favorite – new(ish) spot in Beverly, The Barrel House American Bar (LOVE IT!). Forgetting that they now take reservations, we showed up early without one, like 5:30 early, but they were booked solid. We were seriously bummed – if you’ve had their amazing craft cocktails, or their poutine, you’d understand why. So they suggested we try their sister restaurant, SOMA, just two doors down. We weren’t thrilled – again, poutine was on the mind – but we were so glad they did. We had a great time!

Everything about our experience was great! From the friendly host, to our lovely server, to the food – everything was spot on. Basically, SOMA knows what they are about, and how to deliver.  They have a nice, varied menu. You can go really simple and casual and order up a delicious margherita pizza or a panini, or you can go full-on – appetizer, dinner, drinks, dessert, etc.  Our group did a little of both. My “chicken under a brick” over cheesy risotto with caramelized brussels sprouts was delicious. And the two who ordered the shrimp pasta with chorizo were very pleased as well. And the little guy loved the pizza. (Yes, it’s family friendly.) They had a good beer list too and cocktails were fun, but not too cheesy themey, as is the case way too often these days.

And by 7:30, when we early birds were wrapping things up, SOMA was hopping with a great mix of people in their 20s to 50s. The bar was particularly popular with the young single twenty- and thirty-somethings, while the tables were occupied by small groups and quiet dates. And although we predict quite a bit of the crowd were Barrel House castoffs as well (not that they mind – same owner), like us, they seemed quite pleased with their ultimate destination.

So if you live in or near Beverly, and you haven’t paid Soma a visit in awhile, we say check it out. It’s a good time.

Details: SOMA  | 256 Cabot Street, Beverly, MA 01915 | 978.524.0033  | website


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