Kushco Bistro: A new (old) favorite!

The semiURBAN world may be smaller and slower than the big city (in the best of ways),  but there is always enough going on to discover something new – a shop, a cafe, a cool bar – even a place that’s been there for years. Which brings me to Kushco Bistro in Salem. This gem of a sandwich and froyo shop has been right in front of my eyes for years. Years! I’ve literally passed it at least a thousand times – albeit from across the street – but never crossed to check it out. I think it’s the the storefront – it doesn’t represent what’s inside.  But I digress. Recently, I’ve heard several people rave about this small spot, so it was time to check it out. And am I glad I did. Seriously, just step inside and you’ll forget about the unremarkable exterior, and find what is quite possibly one of the best sandwich and wrap selections this side of, well, anywhere. And the fold-in yogurt is…we’ll get to that in a minute.

Kushco Bistro is Salem

Kushco Bistro is Salem

As you can see above, the shop looks like something you’d find in hipstervilles like Union Square, Somerville, or even Williamsburg, Brooklyn (the old Williamsburg, Brooklyn, not the ridiculousness it has become). Chalkboard menu? Check. Vegetarian and vegan options? Check. Blue-hair behind the counter. Yup! As for the menu, once again,  take a look at the image above. It’s pretty extensive, and appears, well, somewhat expensive. But, like the storefront, looks can be deceiving. The portions are huge. We’re talking sandwiches and wraps that can easily feed a small family. In fact, the falafel and hummus wrap did feed my small family. Better yet, it was delicious, and quite filling. I highly recommend. And there’s more to rave about. According to my other half, the soups they serve up are pretty spectacular too. The lemon chicken selection in particular has received much praise. However, my favorite thing about this new (old) find, is the old-school (and I mean that in the best possible way) fold-in homemade frozen yogurt. Hello! Think Dairy Queen Blizzard, then think 10x better. You have to try one. Just select the vanilla or chocolate froyo, a mix-in (peanut butter cup, m&ms, and more) and they crank some magic lever and voila’ – crazy good. And here’s a hint: order the small. It’s huge. Enough to share, but you won’t. Trust me.

So if you live in Salem and haven’t tried this gem, or if you’re planning a great semiURBAN getaway to this magical little city, check out Kushco Bistro. You’ll be happy you did.

Details: Kushco Bistro | 128 Washington Street, Salem, MA 01970 | M-Th 10-10, F 10-11, Sat 11-11, Sun 11-10 | www.kushcobistro.co


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